Microsoft Surface Book 3 is leaked on the web


Microsoft may soon launch the Surface Book 3 notebook, Surface Go 2 tablet and Surface Dock 2 station. Products with a description similar to these were displayed alongside the respective price suggestions in a supposed list for European online stores, obtained through the website German DrWindows and blogger Dan S. Charlton.

However, the list does not identify the first two devices by their trade names, but by nicknames – probably to dispel rumors on the internet. Thus, they are presented as Surface Project T, Surface Project U and Surface Project V. See leaked value ranges:

  • Surface Project T (or Surface Book 3 of 13.5 ’’): between € 1,618 and € 2617;
  • Surface Project U (or 15 ’’ Surface Book 3): between € 2234 and € 3442;
  • Surface Project V (or Surface Go 2) – between € 408 and € 847;
  • Surface Dock 3: about € 244.

Another leak obtained by the sites Windows Latest and Windows Insider reinforced part of these speculations. In this case, a record from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was found for a “portable computing device” code-named “EV2”. That same code was used to designate Surface Go 2 in a previous Geekbench test.

Despite the clues, all of this is nothing more than a rumor until an official announcement has taken place, for the time being, with no date set.


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