Microsoft stops testing Project xCloud on iOS


The streaming game on iPhone and iPad is in danger; Microsoft is struggling with App Store conditions and Project xCloud is not moving forward.

Little more than a month is left for the launch of Project xCloud on Android and there are many voices wondering how much “extra time” iOS users will have to wait to test Microsoft’s streaming service. Well, looking at the latest company moves … let no one expect a very hopeful response. As reported by The Verge, Microsoft has terminated its tests with Apple devices and has done so without much results and much earlier than expected. To give us an idea, the tests on Android, where xCloud is going to come out, will continue until shortly before launch day.

A member of Microsoft has assured the magazine that, although the company “has the ambition to bring Xbox Game Pass and cloud gaming to all available devices”, until now on iOS they have only been able to test one game, Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Apparently there have been “complications with Apple’s policies”, which has also limited the number of testers and tests, leaving the future of xCloud on iPhone and iPad in the air.

There are also problems with Google

The Verge also points out that another problem has been in-app purchases, an option that has very strict regulations within the App Store. And it is not the only digital store that has posed problems to Microsoft in that regard. Yesterday, a historic agreement between Microsoft and Samsung was made official that had among its many consequences the launch of a special Xbox Game Pass app for Samsung’s Galaxy Store. With it, Samsung allowed all kinds of in-app purchases and in return guaranteed that their mobiles and tablets were the best place to play streaming. For its part, Microsoft seems to save the deal a large part of that 30% of the benefits that Google had been demanding for doing the same in the Play Store.

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The future of Projetc xCloud on iOS, in the air

Concluding, there is no date for Project xCloud on iOS and it seems that there will be no short term. Hopefully the same as with Google Stadia does not happen, another service to play streaming that, in its case, ended up throwing in the towel and more than a year after its launch is not available for iPhone and iPad (nor is it expected). For now we will have to settle for the launch on Android, scheduled for September 15, and for which there is already a first list with more than 100 Xbox Game Pass games that will be compatible from the day of departure.


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