Microsoft Starts Throwing Copyright Notices on Sites Publishing Windows 11 ISO


Microsoft: After the ISO file of Windows 11 was leaked, Microsoft began to issue copyright notices to sites that published the ISO file. It seems that Microsoft does not want rumors to circulate before the event to be held next week. Many claims have been made about the leaked Windows 11 ISO file in the past days. Some claimed it wasn’t real, while others claimed it was a very early version of Windows 11.

It is unclear whether the leaked Windows 11 ISO file is real, but the claims are getting stronger. Because Microsoft has already started to submit copyright applications to sites that share the Windows 11 ISO file.

According to the information that first appeared on the Fossbytes website, Microsoft filed a copyright infringement notification to the technology site Beebom, which is very popular in India. In the description of the DMCA complaint, “’s article causes the ISO file of Windows 11 licensed by Microsoft to be distributed. Please unpublish this article. This file is a leaked copy of the not-yet-released Windows 11.

According to DMCA rules, Beebom, which published this article, is required to remove the published article. Otherwise, the authorities will remove this article from search results.

No reference will be made to sites that report about the leak of Windows 11, but sites that share the leaked ISO file may soon face serious copyright notices.


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