Microsoft starts reopening offices next week


Microsoft has officially announced the schedule for resuming face-to-face work at some of the company’s offices in the United States.

Following the guidelines of state health departments, the brand will adopt a gradual and color-based schedule – from level 1, in red, which means closed office, to level 6, in purple, with full and face-to-face occupation of the reopened place .

The last step, however, must be reached only after mass vaccination and relaxation of all mandatory hygiene and social distance protocols.

Mass immunization in the U.S. began in December 2020 and has reached more than 120 million doses applied, according to Bloomberg. In five months, the goal is for 75% of the eligible population to be properly vaccinated in the country.


The first offices to be occupied again in the “soft opening” format are in the Seattle and Washington region, with the first stages scheduled for March 29. The Redmond campus, which is the company’s current headquarters, will reopen on July 6 at best.

In March 2020, when the covid-19 pandemic was considered a global high-risk threat, the company established a home office policy and, since October 2020, has adopted remote service as a permanent option for anyone wishing to stay at home.

According to an internal survey, more than 70% of employees wish to maintain a flexible routine of remote work even after the end of the pandemic, something that will be evaluated by management from now on.


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