Microsoft starts crypto money prizes. What is Microsoft Azure Heros?


Members of the Microsoft Azure platform who will prepare informative articles, videos or narratives will be rewarded with Enjin crypto money. Members need to download Enjin wallet.

Microsoft has been attracting attention with its investments in block chain technologies for some time and has taken the crypto money side. Azure will use crypto coins to reward the community on the cloud platform.

What is Microsoft Azure Heros?
In the world of games, Enjin platform, which provides game development with Ethereum infrastructure and also has in-game crypto currency, is the key point of the new strategy. Previously a wallet partnership with Samsung, Enjin will contribute to the development of the Azure platform.

Starting with Microsoft Azure Heros, the program plans to reward active community members with ENJ crypto money. In this way, the members of the community will be given a prudent prize as well as more active members.

Community members who provide narratives, demos, and blog posts on Azure cloud infrastructure and block chain applications will have the chance to win certain badges. Later, he will be able to convert these badges into crypto money in Enjin wallet.

Badges change according to contribution categories. For example, only 100 badges will be awarded to the most intensive category Inclusive Leader. Maker Token badges come up to 10,000. When the badges are read into the wallet with QR codes, the crypto turns into money. As a limited activity, ENJ crypto money increased significantly after the Enjin program.

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