Microsoft stands by Epic against Apple


The events that have occurred between Apple and Epic Games in recent months have now become lawsuits. In addition to all these, another unrelated company, Microsoft, has stated that it stands by Epic in its fight against Apple and will include more games in the MS Store.

Microsoft stands by Epic Games

In the blog post titled “10 principles for Microsoft Store” published on the Microsoft front, it was reported that Epic Games was openly supported in its fight against Apple. While the statement does not directly mention Apple or Epic, it expresses the differences between Microsoft and Apple’s online understanding.

“For software developers, app stores have become a critical gateway to some of the digital platforms. We also raised our concerns about app stores on other digital platforms by asking questions from time to time on this topic. However, we know that we must apply what we preach. For this reason, we adopt 10 principles based on the ideas and work of the Enforcement Justice Coalition to encourage election, ensure justice and innovation in Windows. ” He shared the principles in his blog post.

The tension between the two companies was out for Fortnite, which is played with the Battle Royale logic and hosts nearly 250 million players a day. Finding the payment system provided by Apple unfair, Epic Games directed players to its own store for in-game payments. For this reason, Apple banned the game from its own store.

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