Microsoft Sees Japan As The Biggest Growth Market For Xbox


Microsoft: Xbox consoles have always had some difficulty finding their place in the Japanese market, something Microsoft has been trying to change for some time, but the results seem to be taking effect only now with the Xbox Series X/S. In an interview with Japanese IGN, Jeremy Hinton, the Xbox brand representative in Asia, commented on the growing success in the country.

Hinton talked about how demand for Xbox has increased in Japan, some of which even show that many of the company’s new console users are people who had never purchased an Xbox product before. Also, there are a fair amount of people who have had the Xbox 360 and are returning to using or searching for Xbox 360 consoles.

As the representative mentioned in the interview, Microsoft sees Japan as a market that cannot be ignored, as they cannot just focus on regions where the Xbox presence is already strong. Other than that, Hinton was happy to share that the Asian country is the brand’s fastest growing market worldwide, especially in the last 12 months.

According to the interview, the Xbox Series S is the most sought after version by the Japanese today, which ends up being reflected in many other markets, considering that the console is actually cheaper and still offers great processing power and the games catalog new generation exclusives, of course. It is also an advantage for those who do not have 4K TVs or simply for those who want to enjoy all the games available on the Xbox Game Pass.

Considering that console inventory is still somewhat scarce in much of the world, it’s really cool to see that Microsoft hasn’t stopped shipping units to Japan. once in the taste of the Japanese.