Microsoft says the Apple App Store is anti-competitive


Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith has fueled the fire in the United States government’s investigations into possible anti-competitive practices by technology giants. However, he did not speak about the company itself, but pointed a finger at a rival.

According to Bloomberg, Smith was summoned by the committee responsible for investigations to “share his experiences” about a similar process that Microsoft took in the 1990s, when it was accused of limiting competition for practices such as pre-installing Internet Explorer as default browser.

In addition to the testimony, Smith would have expressed concerns about Apple – which, he said, should have the App Store rules examined. The fight got even hotter in the previous month, when the company publicly stated that the app store is a barrier to fair competition and takes advantage of rivals, in an even more aggressive way than Windows was accused years ago.

And now?

The committee’s meeting with Smith reportedly took place “a few weeks ago” and the councils can help guide the next steps in the country’s antitrust investigation. On July 27, the CEOs of Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon will testify at the United States Congress on the case.

Apple is also in trouble in Europe: because of an eventual monopoly by Siri, it could be fined € 23 billion. The company previously denied being dominant in any market.

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