Microsoft says it has “more bullets in the chamber”


Aaron Greenberg takes his chest after the Xbox Games Showcase and says that Microsoft has even more games on hand for Xbox Series X and PC.

It could be said that yesterday was the great day of the Xbox Series X. Microsoft held its own digital event, the Xbox Games Showcase, to review (for more than an hour) the games that its internal studies are preparing for the launch of the new console. . However, and as usual in these cases, the event did not convince everyone and has raised some doubts. A good example of this are the 10,000 dislikes in the video of the event, which still has close to 40,000 likes and a million views. In any case, and in the face of those who were not satisfied with what was shown, Aaron Greenberg, the head of marketing for Xbox, has taken to heart on social networks, where he assures that the company still has “more bullets in the bedroom” .

It must be remembered that, of the 15 first party studios belonging to Microsoft, only 9 were present at the Xbox Games Showcase, absent, for example, Compulsion Games (We Happy Few), inXile Entertainment (Wasteland 3), The Coalition (Gears 5), World’s Edge (Age of Empires IV), Mojang Studios (Minecraft: Dungeons) and the mysterious new team everyone thought was working on the return of Perfect Dark, The Initiative. Although some of them are not yet in a position to show their next works, others like The Initiative have already confirmed that they will show their project in 2020, and if they have not yet done so, it is because the Redmond company wants to have an ace up their sleeve. facing the next months. The road to the launch of Xbox Series X, scheduled for Christmas, is still a long and winding one, with at least one other event announcing the release date and final price of the console. Why not dress it with a sweet?

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Those who were present at the event were the current managers of the Halo saga, 343 Industries, who showed the first Halo Infinite gameplay. The same happened with Undead Labs and Turn 10, studios in charge of the State of Decay and Forza sagas, of which they presented their new installments: State of Decay 3 and Forza Motorsport. For his part, Rare continues to work on the captivating Everwild now that the success of Sea of ​​Thieves allows it; and Double Fine continues to polish and shine Psychonauts 2 by Jack Black. But without a doubt, those who surprised us the most during the Xbox Games Showcase were Playground Games and Obsidian Entertainment. The former have temporarily parked the Forza Horizon saga to focus on Fable’s return. And the latter, in addition to the impending Grounded and The Outer Worlds DLC, are working on an action RPG reminiscent of Skyrim, it’s called Avowed and it was the best of the event.


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