Microsoft saves the screen adjusting the viewing angle


Microsoft has registered a patent in Europe for an automatic system for adjusting the viewing angle of screens. Recorded in the first week of January, the document describes the operation of the automatic system for notebooks to avoid distortion of colors and full use of the screen area.

Through sensors and the aid of the camera, the system could identify the position of the eyes and make small adjustments to align the screen and the user’s field of view. In addition, the system also recognizes the distance from the eyes to the screen, which could give the ability to adjust the size of icons and windows for a better experience when using the notebook.

Despite being demonstrated with a notebook, the system could be applied to other devices – including monitors, televisions and even secondary notebook screens. Nothing would prevent Microsoft’s idea from reaching a wider range of devices, but it remains to be seen what the real benefits of automatic adjustment would be.

Furthermore, the patent does not indicate the launch of the project, nor its development. Companies constantly register numerous patents to maintain control over a product concept, which eventually reaches the market in a final version. This example from Microsoft may be one of them, it remains to wait for more news – something that should only happen in a few months or years.

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