Microsoft Runs on Windows Core OS for New Xbox Models


It turned out that Microsoft is developing a new operating system for the game console Xbox. According to information shared on a Linkedin page, Microsoft is working on a new operating system called Windows Core OS.

The US-based technology giant Microsoft is currently undertaking some work , which it does not speak much . The company recently introduced two new products, namely Surface Duo and Surface Neo. These products also attracted attention with their foldable structures. However, as with all other technological products, the Surface series had to have an operating system, and it was announced that this operating system would be Android .

The developments after the announcements revealed that the new products will have a new operating system called Windows 10 X. However, there is no clear explanation as to what this operating system can offer. Therefore, it is not known by anyone other than Microsoft what the structure of Windows 10 X will be .

Now there is a Linkedin page about the new operating system that Microsoft is working on. The page in question provides some references to new operating systems, referred to as Windows 10 X and Windows Core OS. Although its features are not fully understood, Windows Core OS appears to be used on Microsoft’s new game console Xbox in the future.

According to the information on the Linkedin page, Windows Core OS will be used in Microsoft’s mixed reality technology and “HoloLens” as well as Xbox systems . So if the information on this Linkedin page reflects the truth, Microsoft will provide a new and unique experience to gamers on the Xbox models it will release in the future .

Microsoft to give up Xbox OS with Windows Core OS

Existing Xbox models work with an operating system called ” Xbox OS “, which uses a virtualization system called “Microsoft Hyper-V” . Xbox OS, which has a Windows 10 base since 2015, is updated regularly every month and gives both developers and gamers a smooth experience.

We don’t have the slightest clue as to how Windows Core OS is now. However , it is clear that Microsoft is working on such an operating system, and the Xbox series may have this operating system in the future. Perhaps Microsoft has completed all work on Windows Core OS and Xbox Series X will use this operating system.


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