Microsoft Reveals Why The New Edge Should Be Used


Microsoft explains why users should use the new Edge in a support page it created for its new internet browser, Chromium-based Edge. However, it is confusing that the title of this support page contains the issue “Unable to uninstall Microsoft Edge”.

Microsoft introduced its new internet browser, Chromium-based Edge, to users in early 2020. Adopted by a considerable user base in a short time, this internet browser is taking firm steps towards becoming the best internet browser Microsoft has developed to date. However, Microsoft is trying to force the new internet browser to Windows 10 users, which clearly annoys users.

Microsoft offered the new Edge as optional software after launching it. In other words, users could download this browser by accessing the website prepared for the Chromium-based Edge. However, Microsoft recently started rolling out Edge as an update. So every Windows 10 user has seen the new Edge installed on their computers after a “critical” update. Moreover, the new browser could not be removed from the system.

Chromium-based Edge, which Microsoft forcibly installed on Windows 10, seriously disturbed users. As such, users started looking for ways to get rid of this browser. In fact, there were some methods you could apply for this. However, users searched for “Unable to uninstall Microsoft Edge” on any search engine to get rid of these methods. Here, Microsoft was the first result of users with a support page it prepared.

This is how Microsoft greets users who want to remove the Chromium-based Edge but are unable to do so and rush to search engines. Moreover, Microsoft does not explain how users can get rid of Edge on this support page. Instead, the company explains why users should use Edge. Microsoft gives the following explanations on this support page;

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As a matter of fact, Microsoft has already announced that the Chromium-based Edge will be the default browser in Windows 10. The company’s release of the new browser to all users with an update is the clearest indicator of this. In addition, Microsoft announced in a blog post that Internet Explorer 11 and non-Chromium Edge will be unplugged. In other words, a new era is beginning in the Windows ecosystem. It seems that all users in this ecosystem will have to adapt, whether they want to or not.


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