Microsoft reveals UK labor shortage of AI skills


Can be considered one of the main branches within the current technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) requires specialized labor and technical knowledge that allow professionals to develop and implement solutions in products and services that use it as a base.

However, it appears that not all countries have sufficient manpower to enter this area and the disclosure was made by Microsoft itself, having cited in a report that the United Kingdom is currently understaffed in the area.

Made by Microsoft EMEA, the report considered a survey of 12,000 people in 20 countries, including Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, the United States and Canada.

In it, it is reported that 35% of UK business leaders consider the possibility of seeing a gap in AI skills in the next 2 years. For 28%, this problem already occurs and there is a lack of specialized labor.

According to Simon Lambert, Microsoft’s Director of Learning in the UK, the most successful companies are those that invest in people, stimulating the acquisition of knowledge and skills, which can become the best competitive asset for companies.

“Human ingenuity is what will make the difference – AI technology alone will not be enough. At Microsoft, we are on this journey like everyone else, not least because the best students are the best teachers. The main point, however, is not to be intimidated by technology. Instead, get excited, develop your curiosity and we will continue to learn from each other. ”

One aspect that, however, draws attention in the report is that only 17% of employees participate in efforts to requalify, a number much lower than that seen when considering the global average, which is 38%.

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