Microsoft Reveals Side in Epic Games – Apple Fight


The “commission” crisis between Epic Games and Apple forces other important companies in the industry to express their stance. Remarks by a manager from Microsoft’s gaming division reveal the side the company has chosen. The giant company thinks that Apple poses a huge threat to the game world. He even applied to the court to be involved in the case.

Epic Games, one of the fastest rising companies in the game world in recent years, owes a significant part of this rise to Fortnite. Fortnite, one of the most played games in the world, is so popular that players have installed it from external sources for about 18 months, although it is not available in the markets. This popularity eventually led to the game being released on the Play Store and App Store.

After Epic Games started offering Fortnite in app stores, the commission crisis, which has actually been discussed in the industry for a long time, has flared up again. Apple’s deduction of close to 30% from the expenses made from an app or game downloaded from the App Store significantly reduced the revenues of giant producers such as Epic Games. Another key point for Epic was the Unreal Engine game engine it owned.

When Epic Games implemented its own in-app sales formula to circumvent disruptions, it was removed from the App Store and Play Store. In fact, Apple Unreal Engine has restricted the game engine, and the games using this game engine and the developers using it have also entered the pot. Epic Games sued Apple and Google over this, and released striking commercials as if the crisis was prepared beforehand. Meanwhile, companies such as Spotify, which were fixtures in their field, started to face Apple in the crisis. One of those companies was Microsoft.

Microsoft has also filed for court involvement:

Epic Games filed an anti-trust application and went to court after its app was removed from the Apple Store and Google Play. In a statement, Apple threatened the company, saying they could remove Epic Games’ access to Apple’s developer tools.

On the other hand, such a move could have been the end of the Unreal Engine developed by Epic Games. Epic Games was also trying to impose a temporary restriction order to stop Apple to save the program, which has 11 million users on Mac and iOS devices.

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Support for Epic Games came from another technology giant, Microsoft. In the petition filed by the company, he stated that it expressly supports Epic Games. Microsoft’s support becomes even more meaningful when we think that the case can continue for a longer period of time.

“The truth for game developers and gamers”

Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox, announced in a tweet that they support Epic Games. “Making sure Epic has access to the latest Apple technology is right for game developers and gamers.” used the expression.

Kevin Gammill, General Manager of Game Development Experience, another important name of Microsoft, also stated that they support Epic Games’ court application. Stating that the restriction to Unreal Engine will affect all game developers who have used or are using this engine, Gammill stated that they are against the access ban.

Microsoft official: Apple’s Fortine threat could hurt the entire gaming industry

Gamill did not make it clear that one of the developers that would suffer was Microsoft, but hinted: “If the Unreal Engine game engine cannot be supported on iOS and macOS platforms, Microsoft will abandon potential customers on these platforms or choose a different game engine for games under construction. will have to. “Apple’s decision to Unreal Engine will do great harm to game developers and gamers.”

Meanwhile, Apple has made it clear that it cannot back down in the discussions. If Epic Games accepts Apple’s terms without question, it will be able to return to the Fortnite App Store and the Unreal Engine game engine will be used. Epic is deliberately violating its contract, according to Apple. For this reason, the company wants to take the responsibility of Epic by taking a series of actions that are thought to wear down the gaming industry.

Apple has reached a value of $ 2 trillion at the center of all these discussions and remains the most valuable company in the world. In-app purchases make up a significant portion of the company’s revenue. In other words, if Apple goes to a forced reduction in commissions, its revenue and consequently its value may decrease.


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