Microsoft Replaces Windows Updates


Microsoft is testing to deliver new updates for Windows 11, which has been released recently! Here are the details…


Windows 11 was released last October 5th. Microsoft immediately set out to test new ways to deliver new operating system updates. The company is preparing to introduce new features to users with new update packages.

Microsoft celebrated the 7th anniversary of the Windows Insider Program following the release of the new operating system. He then shared a blog post about it. In this post, information was given that the company will offer new features to users, apart from major updates.

Windows 11 will improve further with updates

For now, Windows 11 updates are developed independently of the operating system. Thus, the company is working on packages that are not comprehensive but bring small innovations. The technology giant plans to increase the scope and frequency of future releases by testing this process with Microsoft Insider.

When users receive these new package updates, their computers will suffer as little disruption as possible. In addition, the company guarantees that these packages will make it much easier to install new upcoming updates.

Windows 11 update packages reach Insiders first through Windows Update, in the same way as new builds and cumulative updates. Insider users need to select the Windows Updates option from the Settings section of the DEV channel to get these packages. Then they will be able to check for updates to get these packages.

If you are using Microsoft Windows 11, what do you think about these new update packages? You can share it with us in the comments.


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