Microsoft Replaces Routers in Brazil To Stop Cybercriminals


Microsoft: With the expectation of barring the actions of an international group of cybercriminals, Microsoft started to visit Latin American locations – including Brazilians – to in person replace routers compromised with Trickbot, a malware managed by US Cyber ​​Command, which has big tech as its one of your permanent targets.

According to The Daily Beast, which revealed the information, the invaders are spread across countries like Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Suriname. In addition, they create machine networks (botnets), through which they carry out ransomware attacks and other illegal operations.

The difficulty of mitigating their onslaught lies in the fact that they hijack smart device components without owners noticing the intervention. Fortunately, the exchange of devices, like the one undertaken by the giant, proved to be a surprisingly effective tactic, highlights The Verge.

continuous challenge

Amy Hogan-Burney, general manager of Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit, argues that fighting the Trickbot is an ongoing challenge, despite the company’s claim that in 2020 it dismantled 94% of the US Cyber ​​Command infrastructure, preventing attacks on US elections. U.S.

Authorities are also keeping an eye on the scene. In June of this year, the US Department of Justice indicted a woman who had been involved in building the malware behind attacks on hospitals, schools and governments.

Finally, to reduce credential theft, system lockdown, and the requirement for third-party payments, the company’s door-to-door operation is only one part of its attempts to contain threats. In this case, partnership with local internet service providers is essential.


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