Microsoft Reopens Experience Centers In London And New York


Microsoft: Gradually, Microsoft is returning to physical store activities. As of July 1st, the company will resume sales of electronic devices and software at the Experience Centers in London, New York and Sydney.

In these spaces, customers will find Surface devices and Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Due to shortages of chips, Xbox Series X and Series S consoles are some of the items that won’t be available until inventories can meet demand.

“Our Experience Centers are designed to provide customers with a way to experience our products in person,” said Travis Walter, head of retail stores at Microsoft.

According to the executive, the spaces will be used to closely monitor the tests carried out by customers. In this way, the company can gain a rich base of feedback that will help improve the product experience.

Gradual resumption

Shortly after the pandemic began in 2020, Microsoft permanently closed physical stores in the US and the rest of the world. Then, employees were transferred to sales, training and corporate customer support areas.

Apparently, the reopening of the Experience Centers does not indicate the full return of the brand’s retail stores. For example, spaces do not offer options for online ordering or on-site pickup.

According to the information, the objective is to serve only commercial customers. Therefore, the items available in stock are geared especially for people who visit the space.


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