Microsoft removes the obligation of passwords on service accounts and will start using the Authenticator


Microsoft announced, on Thursday (15), the removal of the mandatory use of passwords for users during the login process in company services such as Outlook, OneDrive, Family Safety and others.


According to the company statement, users will be able to remove passwords from company accounts and switch to Microsoft Authenticator software, a tool designed to help those who frequently forget codes.

How the Authenticator works

Microsoft’s Authenticator is a mechanism that provides two-step verification or multi-factor authentication. The user who has the tool active is notified on the cell phone every time an access attempt is made.

To complete the account sign-in process, the user needs to go to the generated notification and approve the action. Only then is access to the account released without the need to enter a password.

How to use

To use the new input mode you must have the latest version of Microsoft Authenticator installed on your device (Android, iOS or Windows) and link it to your personal Microsoft account.

Then just go to “Microsoft Account“, select “Advanced Security Options”, click “Account without password” and “Enable”. Finally, follow the onscreen instructions and approve the notification from the Authenticator app. Once approved, you are free of your password.

Also according to the company reported, all users will have access to the feature in the coming weeks, so it may not yet be present in your Microsoft account settings.

If the user does not feel 100% confident in using Microsoft Authenticator, the password entry option can be chosen again in the account settings.

The future without a password

For the past two years, Microsoft has been working to remove the requirement for passwords to access its services. In March of this year, the Authenticator feature arrived for users of the company’s enterprise products.

After a good acceptance within this audience, the company will release it to other users. Microsoft itself guarantees that almost 100% of its employees use passwordless options to log in to their corporate accounts.

So, do you always forget your passwords? Do you want to test the Microsoft tool? Tell us in the comments below!


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