Microsoft removes password requirement for account login!


Microsoft company announced that it has removed the password requirement for accessing accounts. So, what are the other options for users?


Technology company Microsoft is removing the password requirement for logging into accounts. Many users around the world have a hard time creating a password, and some users forget the password they created. Every year we see reports about the most popular passwords used. For example, there are still people who use passwords like ‘123456’, ‘password’ or ‘abc123’. This is pretty good for hackers but not for you.

Now the technology manufacturer wants to solve this problem. Here, he took another step towards just that. We say “more” because only a few months ago it had enabled passwordless login to some users.

What does Microsoft replace passwords with?

The US-based technology company has been waging a war against passwords for a while. Because as we mentioned, although passwords seem strong, they cannot prevent danger. With the new feature, you can now actually remove passwords from your accounts. There are several ways for this!

After that, you can use Microsoft Authenticator, Windows Hello, a security key, or a verification code (SMS/email) to sign in to a Microsoft account. Of course, if you want, you have the opportunity to continue with your own password.

The new option came after it introduced passwordless authentication for business users in March. In March, the company announced that it was taking this step to help users work remotely. Currently, more than 200 million users already use passwordless options.

So, how can you turn off the password through the application?

  • The Microsoft Authenticator mobile app needs to be installed and linked to your personal Microsoft Account.
  • Then you can visit and select advanced security options.
  • You can then enable passwordless accounts in the additional security section.
  • You will then need to confirm the change in your Authenticator app. So you no longer need the password. When you want to enter your account with your password, activate the password by following the same steps.

The Redmond firm found that a third of people would rather stop using an account altogether than reset their password. In one Twitter poll, one in five people accidentally hit “reply all” in an email instead of resetting their passwords.


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