Microsoft Releases Windows 11 And So You Can Install It


Windows 11 is the next installment of Microsoft’s operating systems and we tell you what you need to take advantage of it


This week Microsoft officially published its new operating system, MS Windows 11 or simply Windows 11. It is available in 110 languages ​​and can be downloaded from its own website.

If by chance you have the previous version on your system, the update will have no cost. Otherwise, it will be necessary for you to buy it. Several new desktops and laptops will have it included, making things easier.

Windows 11 is available, but… at what price?

But in case you want to purchase it separately, it is speculated that the cost depends on the version chosen and that it will be similar to that of its predecessor. So it should be like Windows 10 Home, priced at $ 139, while Windows 10 Pro is worth $ 199.99.

It is best to take a look around the software page to find out. Microsoft expects the transition to the system to be as smooth as possible.

A process that will last until mid-2022, when Google’s Android compatibility will arrive. The fact is that this new operating system seems to be ideal for those who enjoy video games.

We say that because it takes advantage of various technologies and standards. These include DirectX12 Ultimate, DirectStorage, and Auto HDR. The above implies the use of both DirectX Raytracing and Variable Rate Shading.

Better know the minimum specifications to use it

Likewise, it involves Mesh Shaders and Sampler Feedback, in addition to other features. But before you run to download Windows 11 with your credit card in hand, it is better that you know its specifications.

To start, you will need a 64-bit processor or SoC and a minimum with dual core, in addition to 1GHz. Forget 32-bit, because it just won’t work. As for memory, 4GB of RAM is required.

Regarding storage space, Windows 11 needs 64GB. The graphics card must be DirectX12 compatible and have a WDDM 2.x driver. Speaking of the monitor to use, it must be a minimum of nine inches and support a 720p resolution, but the more the better.

As for the firmware, it must work with Secure Boot and UEFI, as well as having a 2.0 platform on the motherboard. Obviously, you need an Internet connection.

You also need a Microsoft account to use it. The videos that accompany this note allow you to take a look at what this operating system offers, the company’s new “workhorse” for years to come.


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