Microsoft Releases an Update for Those Having VPN Issues in Windows 10


Microsoft has released an update that eliminates the connectivity issue of users using proxy or VPN on Windows 10 operating systems. The company stated that only users who have problems should download the new update.

Microsoft has resolved an issue detected by users’ complaints with a newer update. With the new update released by the company for the Windows operating system today, this problem has been eliminated for users who have problems with the connection in the operating system.

The KB4554364 update, released for version 1709 or higher of Windows 10, managed to resolve the connection issue with proxies that were installed manually or automatically. With this update, occasional problems in people using VPN have been overcome.

Only those who have problems should download the update:
Microsoft shared the new update with an important note, even though it eliminated this issue that some users had with the Windows operating system. The company said that they only recommend downloading the update for those who have such a problem. So if you haven’t encountered such a problem, the update may not make much sense to you.

However, the connectivity issue solution provided by the new update will be included in the update to be released next month. So unless you are using a proxy or VPN right now and encounter such a problem, it would be useful for you not to download this update.

How to install the update
It is very easy to install the KB4554364 update released by Microsoft for Windows 10 operating system on your system. To install the update on your system, you first need to find out the version of Windows 10 operating system installed on your computer.

To get the version of your Windows 10 operating system, follow Start> Settings> System> About. Then on the page that opens, you can see the version installed in the “Windows features” section opposite the “Version” text.

Your version of Windows 10 must be 1709, 1803, 1809, 1903 or 1909 to install the latest update released by Microsoft on your system. If you have these versions, you can reach Microsoft Update Catalog from this link and download the update for your version here.


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