Microsoft Releases Patch for Windows 11 PC Health Check App


Microsoft: This Friday (25), Microsoft’s Director of Operating Systems Security, David Weston, announced a fix for PC Health Check, an application that checks the compatibility of computers for installing Windows 11. Previously, the tool displayed a same incompatibility notice without explaining its exact cause, frustrating many users.

According to Weston’s post on his Twitter account, the tool has received an update and will now provide more accurate answers after the diagnosis is complete. He claims the new will help “users who assumed CPU compatibility issues were TPM related.”

In terms of hardware, the term TPM refers to Trusted Platform Module. The component is an encryption processor present on motherboards and its function is to ensure the integrity and security of the system during its startup. Windows 11 requires the presence of TPM 2.0 to install.

You can download the new version of PC Health Check directly from the Microsoft website by clicking this link. If the user has already installed the application before, just open it to get the new version.


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