Microsoft Releases New Windows 11 Preview For Developers


Microsoft: This Monday (4), Microsoft released another preview of Windows 11 for the developer channel. The technical compilation, number “22471”, has a set of fixes and will be the only one made available this week, due to the debut of the new operating system.

Microsoft released Windows 11 for download on Monday night (4). If you already want to install the official version of the system on your computer, check out our tutorial.

What has changed?

For developer editing, the new version fixes minor visual glitches in the Taskbar and improves the Context Menu’s interaction with keyboard arrows. In addition, a bug that caused the File Explorer to quit unexpectedly when its window was closed has also been fixed, ensuring more stability in everyday use.

Similarly, there are other minor fixes aimed at improving the processing performance of websites using HTTP/3, as well as the overall stability of the system and its ability to receive updates.

Still in testing

However, as Microsoft explains, it is important to note that these changes will not necessarily be present in the official Windows 11 debut, as they refer to a build for developers of the new operating system — more advanced, but unstable and susceptible to errors.

On the other hand, the company also clarifies that the news will eventually reach the public version of Windows 11 “when they are ready”, without signing a more specific release date. Avid and experienced users can test the changes by registering with the Insider Program or installing a preview ISO. Check out the full list of changes by clicking here.

For casual internet users, it is recommended to install Windows 11 in its official version, which is already available on compatible PCs.


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