Microsoft Releases ‘Family Safety’ Application


Microsoft released its new application, which it started testing in the past few months. The application called “Family Safety” provides parents with great convenience. Thanks to this application, how much time children can spend on a device can be restricted synchronously.

In a news we shared with you a few months ago, we mentioned that US-based technology giant Microsoft has developed an application for parents and released it as part of the preview release. Microsoft has now completed the required tests of this application and made it available to users as a stable version. Let’s take a closer look at what this application promises together.

The new application developed by Microsoft for parents is called “Family Safety”. This application, which offers parents features such as screen time and application restriction, is not the kind that kids will love. Parents will be able to control their children’s technology relationships with this application because Microsoft has developed this application quite widely.

Detailed reports can be examined and restrictions can be imposed with Microsoft Family Safety

With the Family Safety app from Microsoft, parents will be able to get detailed reports about how long their children use a smartphone or tablet, or even their Xbox and their computers. Microsoft even provides parents with the opportunity to set limits with this application. In other words, how much time a child can spend on smartphone, computer, tablet and Xbox will be determined by the parent. Moreover, this process will work synchronously on different devices.

The features of the Microsoft Family Safety app are not just about putting limits. Microsoft has currently developed a search filter feature that only works in the Edge browser. Parents will then be able to filter their kids’ internet searches using Edge. Thanks to this, children will be able to visit only sites that are under the permission of their parents.

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