Microsoft Releases Document Series That Tells Xbox Story


Microsoft: As part of the celebration of the years since the launch of the first Xbox, Microsoft has released a free documentary series that tells the company’s story in the world of consoles.

“Power On: The Story of Xbox” consists of six episodes of about 40 minutes each, all available for free and with subtitles in Portuguese. In the videos, brand executives reminisce behind the scenes and remarkable events of past generations, with the right to many images of the time and curious stories.

Check out the first episode below and watch the others on the playlist.

The chapters recount key moments for the company in the industry, from the difficulties of convincing the board to release a home console in 2001, to the technical problems of the “red ring of death” and the platform’s approach to television.

You can watch the series in different environments including Redbox, YouTube, IMDbTV, The Roku Channel, Microsoft Movies & TV. In the case of YouTube, you have to manually activate the subtitles and select Brazilian Portuguese as the language.

The Xbox channel on Twitch will host a watch party this Thursday, December 16, from 3 pm (GMT) so that the public can follow all the chapters at once and interact with the community.

Happy Birthday

In addition to the series, Microsoft has already introduced a control commemorating two decades of life, changed the home page interface to pay homage to the past, and launched a virtual museum that includes a user account retrospective.