Microsoft Releases Another Update for Windows 7


Cutting off its support for Windows 7, Microsoft had to release a new update to the legendary operating system. Because the latest update for Windows 7 had spoiled the wallpapers with it, and users had to use a black wallpaper.

US-based technology giant Microsoft unplugged another operating system on January 14th. The Windows 7 operating system, which has been in our lives for a long time and is still being used by many users, was abandoned to its fate after the last update presented on January 14. Microsoft will not offer feature and security updates for this operating system unless users make certain payments.

We’ve talked to you about a bug recently in the last update for Windows 7. This error caused users not to be able to use wallpapers. Microsoft had to release another update to the operating system it left behind to fix the error that occurred with the last update.

Microsoft released another update to Windows 7 that it cut support
Although Microsoft has released the latest update of Windows 7, it hasn’t ignored an error from them and released a new update.

The first update Microsoft released after January 14 was only about fixing this error. A small update to Windows 7 users eliminated the problem of the wallpaper becoming black.

Windows 7 is of great importance to many users. Because Windows 7 does not use unnecessary applications and its simplicity pleases users even after 10 years since its release. As such, users want to continue using Windows 7 even if the updates are discontinued. However, this situation brings with it some security problems.

Regardless, Microsoft will continue to provide support for Windows 7 only for a certain fee. Paying this fee was mostly accepted by businesses and government agencies. However, it seems that the errors caused by Microsoft will be corrected after today as it is fixed today.


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