Microsoft Releases 3D Emojis on Windows, Including Clippy


Microsoft: After the social media campaign, Microsoft will revive the famous Clippy character. The old Office mascot will replace the paperclip emoji in Teams and Microsoft 365, and it won’t be alone in the update.

The new Clippy is part of a huge update with 1,800 emojis that will be released for Windows software. All figures were redrawn with 3D lines and follow the Fluent Design style adopted by the company.

The new collection of Windows emojis will start appearing in Microsoft 365 programs in the coming months. The figures include bright, saturated colors, while the 3D element adds a touch of modernity.

According to Claire Anderson, official “emoji-ologist” at Microsoft, the focus of the drawings is to bring a little fun to the work environment. Thus, Clippy’s return is a “dose of nostalgia” for former users of the operating system.

What’s more, around 900 revised emojis will also have animated versions for software like Teams. Inspired by Skype’s legacy, the intention is to bring back some of the elements of the “retired” communication app from Microsoft.

Improving conversations between people

In recent years, emojis have become an important part of online communication. Pictures add excitement to lifeless interactions across computer and smartphone screens.

For the update, Microsoft rethought the “graphic expressions of professionalism”. As well, the company highlights that the drawings became very relevant during “a pandemic that blurred the boundaries between work and personal life”.

“Since being playful or highly expressive is not easy for everyone, emojis are the perfect helpers. They are extensions of our own humanity and an important communication tool”, concludes Claire Anderson.


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