Microsoft refreshes the news section of Windows 10


Nowadays, many people follow the news on social media or through special applications. Taking this into account, Microsoft is changing the way it offers news to Windows 10 users. The software giant, which aims to make the news a little more striking to the eye, opened the new design to Insiders users.

It is possible to see the new design on the taskbar. Starting to use different color themes for the news in the stream, Microsoft aims to increase the interaction of the news. Previously, gray was preferred as the only color here.

In the “See more news” option, users will see a new browser-like look. Here you’ll see big cards and snippets of news. This will make it easier to scan headings faster. In addition, thanks to the sections given, the news that you want to read in detail will be able to be decided more easily.

Another innovation brought by the update is emojis. Users will be able to show their reactions to the news they see with icons that symbolize feelings like liking, love, surprise and anger.

Microsoft is first bringing the design change in the Windows 10 news section to users of the Insiders program in the USA.


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