Microsoft Has Published An Informative Website For The Corona Virus


Microsoft created a website focused on Corona virus. The website, where up-to-date statistics can be tracked, not only offers detailed statistics on country basis, but also reports Corona virus news about those countries.

US-based technology giant Microsoft provides dozens of services to consumers. In addition to the operating system, the company has its own search engine, game platform, spelling apps and dozens more. Now, Microsoft has launched a new service on the world’s agenda, the Corona virus.

Corona virus is one of the issues that all people are curious about. Everyone wants to keep up to date with the Corona virus, find out how many people have died or got rid of this virus. Microsoft has set up a publicly accessible website that provides up-to-date Corona virus statistics to users.

Bing team created the new service of Microsoft. The website, which has a very simple interface; Provides statistics of total cases, number of deaths and survivors. The website, which also has an interactive map on the basis of countries, shows statistics about that country when clicked on the countries.

This is how Microsoft’s Corona virus site looks;
One of the impressive aspects of Microsoft’s Corona virus site is the menu on the left. As you can see in the image above, this menu lists the countries where the Corona virus cases are seen according to the number of cases. When you click on any of these countries, you can view Corona virus news and videos related to the country.

The data displayed on this website in the statements made by Microsoft’s Bing team; The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that it was taken from authorized sources such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). In this way, Microsoft will prevent information pollution that is very common nowadays.

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Since the first day of the Corona virus spread, we have provided you with statistics through Johns Hopkins University. With the initiative of Microsoft, we can say that we now have a second source. Also, Google is working on a website related to the Corona virus and this website will be very detailed.

If you want to visit Microsoft’s website about Corona virus and have detailed information about this global epidemic, you can use the link here.


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