Microsoft President: Will They Produce Digital Money?


Microsoft President Brad Smith explained that he was not very willing to issue or promote digital currency. Smith said the best candidate for financial transactions is states, not tech companies.

According to the Bloomberg report, Microsoft President Brad Smith spoke at the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) online conference. At the conference, Smith said that the money supply should be managed by an institution that cares about the public interest. This institution means the state for Smith.

“For myself; “I am not very willing to let the company issue digital money, encourage it or take an encouraging step in this regard.”

“We are not a bank”

“We are not banks,” Brad Smith said in his speech, referring to the company. made his comment. Smith stated that they do not want to turn into banks and do not want to enter into competition with banks that have customers.

Defended the old system

Microsoft President pointed out that the financial system, which has been under the control of the states for a long time, is a more correct system. “For centuries, governments have been in control of money, and in my opinion, we serve the world much better,” Smith said. said.

Bill Gates thinking about digital money

The Microsoft founder stated that digital money studies were carried out at the Gates Foundation. He stated that the transactions made with these money may be lower cost and that more people can make transactions.


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