Microsoft prepares to make working from home permanent


Microsoft decided to make the work from home permit permanent. Due to the global coronavirus epidemic, the majority of the company’s personnel are already running their business from their homes. The software giant shared the details of the flexible model named “hybrid office” that it will put into practice when it reopens its offices in the USA with the company employees.

In the new period, Microsoft will allow its employees to work from home for a period of less than 50 percent of their total weekly working hours. Those who constantly ask for a work permit from home will need to get approval from their manager. While it seems likely that many employees will choose the 50 percent option to work from home, it is stated that some tasks are difficult or even impossible to carry out from home.

Microsoft’s guide also reminds us that office access is still important for some tasks. It is reminded that it may be necessary to be physically present in the office for jobs related to hardware labs, data centers and in-house training. Microsoft, which will allow to move within the US depending on the approval, will also allow it to move outside the US in line with the terms of the position.

Compensation and benefits to be paid to remote Microsoft personnel will be determined by the conditions and rules of the employee’s location. Office income of remote employees will also be covered by Microsoft. However, employees who decide to live away from Microsoft offices will not be supported for moving costs. Flexible working hours can be applied without the approval of the manager. In addition, it will be able to make requests for temporary working hours through personnel managers.

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Microsoft isn’t the only big tech company to take this kind of step in working from home. Facebook also plans to have half of its staff work from home over the next 5 to 10 years.


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