Microsoft Prepares Redesign and Redesign for Windows Defender


Microsoft is preparing a makeover to Windows Defender, the company’s standard operating system security platform. In addition to a new look, it will now be possible to check and control the protection of other devices that are connected to the home network.

For now, the tool is only available in the form of Microsoft Defender Preview, in the Microsoft store, for company employees. There is no release slated for the stable version yet, and it hasn’t even reached Insiders testing program members yet, but the makeover is already confirmed for Windows 10, Windows 11 and the Xbox system.

However, developer Ahmed Walid managed to bypass authentication to use the app and took some screenshots to show the new interface.

The platform is now able to check the digital health of Android, iOS or macOS devices, pointing out if they need a security check, for example.

If one of them is infected with malware, the administrator learns through the program’s central and can more easily check what is happening.