Microsoft PowerPoint will help rehearse a presentation


Microsoft has removed the “Presenter Coach” feature, which helps PowerPoint users to rehearse the presentation, from being web specific. Now, those who use PowerPoint on desktop or mobile will also be able to take advantage of this feature. According to the information given by Microsoft; Presenter Coach can also be accessed on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.

Presenter Coach listens and analyzes the user while the presentation is rehearsed aloud. Presenter Coach, which warns users about speaking fast or slow, also checks if there are too many sounds such as “immm” in between. In addition, it is also among the points evaluated whether a soulless reading was made from the presentation.

Presenter Coach gains new features with the expansion of its coverage area. Presenter Coach, which will examine users’ body language, will also warn about repeated or mispronounced words. Not swearing in the presentation is also among the issues under the control of Presenter Coach.

Microsoft PowerPoint is the number one presentation preparation tool for both students and professionals. Presenter Coach also helps PowerPoint users measure their ability to deliver the presentation they have prepared.


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