Microsoft plans to sell covers for your Surface PC


The design of a computer is always helpful to make it more attractive to users. More and more they prefer to assemble their own, and they do it with the most striking pieces thanks to the RGB lighting. But when it comes to laptops, many will think that little or nothing can be done in this regard. And this is where Microsoft now wants to give its proposal with the interchangeable covers of the Surface laptops.

Interchangeable covers for your Surface

The only space you can customize for everyone to recognize your laptop is the lid. This is a reality, and although some models are even a ‘sacrilege’ you only have to put a sticker or cover to make it more personal if possible. But Microsoft has an idea so you don’t worry too much about damaging the lid of your Surface laptop ever again.

It is an interchangeable casing that the firm puts to fit on the part of the lid. This means that the user will have a standard cover that protects the back of the screen, but this can be removed to put a different one. Also, this will help to replace this part easily and easily in case it breaks.

This can reach a wide variety of Surface products, both tablets and laptops, so users only have to buy replacement parts. What the patent does not speak about, and with good reason, is the compatibility between the different models of covers, so this question is still waiting to be solved in case the project goes ahead.

Other ways to protect your laptop

It is a fact that the possibility of having an interchangeable cover on your laptop or tablet is of great help. In fact, it should not be something so new, especially in tablets where until not long ago they could be removed to see the inside of the terminal with ease. This is also missed in laptops especially, where removing the battery while you had it running meant extending its useful life.

But when it comes to preserving your laptop, there is only one clear way to do it. It is none other than using a cover or backpack to transport it safely at all times.


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