Microsoft plans to redesign Windows 10 look


When Panos Panay, now Microsoft’s great hardware conductor, took over the leadership of the Windows Client last year, experts bet that, from his experience as creator of the Surface line and head of the Xbox hardware division, the company would be seriously involved. in a Windows 10 redesign project, with major changes in 2021.

As we quickly arrived in 2021, the much-announced update of the user interface for Windows 10 begins to give its first signs with new documentation, published by Microsoft on the GitHub platform, of new designs planned for the apps available in the store.

Microsoft’s new design proposals

The published documentation reveals changes that may arrive shortly for ListView (list view controls), GridView (table data display), new icons for the Start menu and new interfaces for the XAML language, created by Microsoft in 2008 for develop program interfaces for Windows

Design inconsistencies are “inheritances” that Microsoft is willing to leave behind. The new design proposes to soften the appearance of the selector switch, sliders and sorting controls. To solve the problem, rounded corners will be implemented.

Anyway, it is good to keep in mind that these design ideas are still only proposed and are not even in the testing stage, which means that they may or may not be implemented by Microsoft. However, the promise, made in the published documentation, is that it will look cleaner and that “it will look familiar to Windows”. Let’s wait.


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