Microsoft plans new app store for Windows 10


Microsoft may soon launch a new version of the app store for Windows 10 and earlier, more complete and open to all types of programs and games, as reported by Windows Central on Tuesday (20).

According to the publication, the updated version of the Microsoft Store, as the store is officially called by the Redmond giant, should bring a more modern and fluid interface, in addition to having “major” changes in policies for developers, allowing the sending of almost any type of application.

These supposed changes to the rules of the Windows Store would open the doors of the virtual store to a large number of programs that are not available there today. The Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers, rivals to Edge, for example, could be found in the service, as well as the Adobe Cloud Creative software package and Zoom.

Also according to the vehicle, the new Windows 10 app store will also make available several official company programs, such as Office, Teams, Edge and even Visual Studio. Another novelty would be the monthly updates of the platform, including new features and security improvements.

Third-party trading platforms

In addition to allowing developers to send unpackaged Win32 applications and making it possible to host programs and updates on their own content distribution network (CDN), another significant change in the Microsoft Store would be the possibility of using third-party commerce platforms on apps, according to rumors.

With that, developers will be able to use their own revenue streams, making apps that were rejected in the past, for using an independent purchasing system, now be accepted on the platform.

The debut of the new Windows Store could happen along with the launch of the Windows 10 Sun Valley update, scheduled to be made available during the second half of this year.


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