Microsoft to Place Ads on Windows 10’s WordPad Application


Microsoft is now preparing to expand its advertising policy to Windows 10 after the ads it has placed on mobile applications. The first application that the software giant plans to place ads is WordPad.

Just a few months after Microsoft placed ads on the mobile version of the email application Outlook, Microsoft is preparing to move the same advertising policy to WordPad on Windows 10. The software giant will begin promoting Office Online apps with an ad banner placed just below WordPad’s toolbar.

Ads coming to WordPad will open the browser and direct users to the official website of Word Online or Office Online. There will also be a close button on the right side of the ad, but it is not yet known whether it closes the ad when clicked, or whether the ad will come back when you restart the app.

According to the above image, ‘Try Word online for free.’, ‘Use Word, Excel and PowerPoint for free online.’, ‘Try Office for free online.’, Try Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for free online. ‘ There will be ads that direct users such as trying and buying Office applications.

Microsoft is looking for new ways to move ads to Windows 10 and place more ads, which seems not to please Windows 10 users. The company shows similar ads in Windows 10’s email app, as well as in other Windows 10 apps like Microsoft News.

Of course, the ads in WordPad are only experimentally placed for now, and the company can change its final opinion on this subject by measuring the reactions from Windows 10 users.


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