Microsoft Outlook IOS App New Audio Features


Microsoft adds new audio features to Outlook’s mobile apps. Thus, users will be able to print e-mails with voice, record their meetings on the calendar and search within their e-mails. Microsoft first brings these Cortana-supported voice features to users in the Outlook iOS app. The Android app will be updated later.

The sound mode will be activated by tapping the plus icon that will be seen soon in the Outlook iOS application. Users ask, “When is my next team meeting?” or search within colleagues, files or calendar entries. Users will also be able to attach files to emails with their voices.

Dictation features have long been a big part of the Outlook and Word experience on the desktop. Users can now audibly print their emails in Outlook’s iOS app.

Cortana’s voice feature has been seen in Outlook before. Microsoft gradually got to this point in Outlook with the “Play my emails” feature. However, with this new update, audio will permeate every aspect of the Outlook mobile app.

In addition to adding new audio features to the Microsoft Outlook iOS app, it also announced the standalone Scheduler Microsoft 365 service. This feature, designed to help Microsoft 365 administrators, allows activating a backend service that helps place conversations on the calendar.