Microsoft Opens Teams APIs For Creating Collaborative Apps


Microsoft: During the Microsoft Build 2021 event, this Tuesday (25), Microsoft announced that it is opening its Teams APIs for developers to offer app solutions. According to the company, with the tools that are being made available, it will be possible to develop applications that work on Windows, macOS, Web, iOS, Android and Linux.

The company argued that innovations are important because they help in the new reality of people’s work. Hybrid work, which has gained popularity because of the coronavirus pandemic, requires that everyone be able to act “anywhere, anytime and on any device”.

“We need a new class of applications focused on collaboration versus individual productivity. Applications that enable synchronous and asynchronous modes of collaboration with real-time meetings, ad hoc messaging, document collaboration and business process automation – all in a single layer of organization, “argued the technology giant.

This new class of software will be called “collaborative applications”. The idea is to enable quick changes of audio, video, document editing, file organization and more tools, all without having to open several different programs.

App development

Microsoft invited the developers and listed the tools they will have at their disposal. Among the available applications are the Teams APIs, Teams Store, Microsoft Cloud, Power Platform, Azure, Graph and others.

As an example, the company said that Teams’ media, such as audio and video streams, will be made available so that it is possible to create audio transcription tools, real-time translation, automatic annotations, collection of insights and more.

“Microsoft Teams was created with the goal of enabling collaboration. With more than 145 million people using Teams every day, it has become the digital platform for work and learning. This creates a creative and economical opportunity for developers to create the next generation of applications where collaboration is at the heart “, defended the company.


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