Microsoft Office apps will have dark mode on Android


Microsoft is developing tools to add a dark mode to the Office application on Android phones. The information was released last week by Alessandro Paluzzi, developer and specialist in reverse engineering.

He posted on Twitter screenshots of the possible outcome of the new features. Users will be able to choose between the light, dark theme and following the pattern of the smartphone’s own operating system.

The leak also suggests that the Office Hub – platform where documents can be located or changed – can also be customized to be completely black.

Another detail shown is that possibly the area where the text is written in Word will not be dark. Currently, the software version for computers works in this format. In February, however, Microsoft announced that it was working to make the text editor completely dark on the computer, which can happen on cell phones as well.

It is not yet known when the news will arrive on Android phones and if all devices will be able to update. Applications like Outlook, One Drive and SMS Organizer already have this functionality.


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