Microsoft noticed that Windows update disabled webcams


The purpose of an update to the operating system is to correct security, performance problems, and add new useful tools to the user. However, not everything goes as desired, and in some cases these updates can offer problematic bugs.

Those who use Windows know this well, and once again the Redmond giant got involved in a complicated problem. After all, imagine that in times of video calls due to social distance, a series of webcams stopped working after the Windows 10 KB4601319 patch.

The problem particularly affects the Intel RealSense Depth and Razer Stargazer cameras. Microsoft is already aware of the problem, and the main speculation is that the update causes the uninstallation of a virtual driver for these products. Unfortunately, reinstalling the camera software is no use, and it is necessary to remove the Windows 10 update for now.

While this is the biggest problem with the update, smaller ones also exist: users report that some wireless mice are failing to function as they should, as well as some monitors, when in a multi-screen set-up, they are no longer responding.

So here’s the tip: if you haven’t yet installed the cumulative update released in early February, it’s a good idea to avoid it until Microsoft has spoken out or provided a fix for it.

Remember, last week Microsoft released a patch to correct a flaw that caused a blue screen when some users used WPA3 internet connections.

And you, use Windows and are afraid to install new updates due to the bugs that usually accompany them? Tell us in the comments!