Microsoft negotiates purchase of Discord for $ 10 billion


Microsoft may buy Discord in yet another billion dollar acquisition. According to information obtained by the Bloomberg news agency, the owner of Windows would be talking to executives of the communication service focused on games for an acquisition that could cost approximately $ 10 billion.

According to VentureBeat, those responsible for Discord are open to selling the service, which grew during the pandemic and received $ 100 million in investments to expand its operations in 2020. In addition to Microsoft, companies like Epic Games and Amazon would be interested in the platform.

The information indicates that only one of the companies would be in “advanced conversations” for a potential acquisition. The Bloomberg report points out that this company may be Microsoft, which would have even involved Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, in the negotiation.

Discord is a very popular communication service in the games market and has 140 million monthly active users, in addition to approximately $ 130 million in annual revenue. The platform has voice and video chats, as well as a group system that supports robots to automate tasks.

During the past few years, Microsoft has worked in partnership with Discord on the Xbox, but has not yet implemented the platform’s chat services on consoles. The company has already launched an Xbox Live integration with the service and also distributed Discord Nitro subscription codes with the Xbox Game Pass.

Public Offering

While Microsoft may be standing out in the alleged negotiations, some sources point out that Discord may refuse the sale and go the other way. The company would also be studying the possibility of going public on the stock exchange.

One of Bloomberg’s sources points out that Discord can take advantage of the moment of growth and carry out a public offering of shares. If the idea goes ahead, plans for a sale to Microsoft will be canceled.

The possibility of a public offering could open doors for Discord owners to increase the platform’s selling price, which was valued at $ 7 billion last year. However, as Microsoft would be willing to shell out up to $ 10 billion, the owner of Windows would still have a large margin of money to offer in the deal.

So far, none of the companies involved has officially commented on the matter.


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