Microsoft Mesh to promote mixed reality meetings


In yet another leap in the mixed reality concept, Microsoft Mesh was presented this Tuesday (2nd) during the Ignite 2021 conference. The collaborative platform allows people to share virtual experiences on different devices.

Using Azure technology, Mesh promotes the meeting of users in a virtual space with the possibility of interacting with mixed reality content. Thus, virtual meetings can be more “intimate” with the use of gadgets like HoloLens.

“You will really feel like you are in the same place and sharing ideas with people, even when they are not physically together,” explains Alex Kipman, one of the project leaders and creator of Kinect and HoloLens.

Initially, Mesh will present people as virtual avatars of AltspaceVR, a social network acquired by Microsoft in 2017. Thus, the platform will promote what the company calls “holoporation”, placing users in the same virtual space.

In this mixed reality environment, people can share projects and interact with objects. With this, it will be possible to develop collaborative content with users in different parts of the globe.

Check out the Microsoft Mesh presentation video:

Accessible on different devices

A preview of Microsoft Mesh will be available on Tuesday for HoloLens 2. Soon, it will also be compatible with models of virtual reality glasses, mobile devices and computers.

Without the same level of immersion as a VR headset, the company has not revealed how the platform will work on mobile phones, tablets and PCs. Possibly, they will have an experience directed only to augmented reality.

Anyway, Microsoft has already announced that it intends to integrate Mesh with Teams and Dynamic 365 in the future. Developed by the technology company, both are products with intelligent solutions focused on the corporate environment.


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