Microsoft May Revive Clippy, Former Office Suite Mascot


Microsoft is about to officially bring back one of the company’s most beloved characters: Clippy, that eye-and-eyebrow paperclip that helped users in the Office suite on previous versions of Windows.

The company has challenged Twitter and Instagram followers to like a particular post, and if the minimum number of interactions is exceeded, Clippy will be back — not as a personal assistant, but replacing the current paperclip emoji on the Microsoft 365 platform .

The publication on Twitter, which needed to reach 20 thousand likes, has already surpassed 130 thousand hearts. On Instagram, the goal was bolder: 200,000 likes, also already achieved in less than 24 hours. Microsoft has not yet confirmed whether or not it will deliver on its promise, or at what time it will make the replacement.

Do you remember him?

Clippy was created in the mid-1990s as part of Microsoft Bob, an alternative version of Windows for visual browsing. He stopped being part of the Office suite only in 2007 and, since then, he has become something of a figure adored by the community.

Clippy’s return became an April 1 prank a few years ago, and a pack of character stickers appeared (and quickly disappeared) from Microsoft Teams.


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