Microsoft may publish Kojima’s next game [RUMOR]


Microsoft: It is known that Hideo Kojima is always working on a new project, and this alone is capable of generating several speculations not only among fans, but in the industry as a whole. And, if a news published by the website Venturebeat ends up being confirmed at some point, the Japanese professional’s next game already has a partner company for publication.

According to a source heard on the website, the project in question is not the commented Abandoned for PlayStation 5 (which, incidentally, has no relation to the renowned producer), but something totally new and which, apparently, would be part of the company’s efforts. Bill Gates to get a little closer to the Japanese audience.

“I can’t confirm that this deal is already closed, but my understanding is that Kojima has become Microsoft’s focus as part of a strategy to attract more Japanese talent,” says the article written on Venturebeat.

Can you imagine what’s coming? If that deal is really closed and confirmed at some point in the future, the Kojima game for Xbox family consoles will certainly be released at some major event or even on a special occasion created by Microsoft. The way is to wait a little longer to know what are the plans for this possible partnership.


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