Microsoft May Hold Xbox Conference at E3 on June 13


Microsoft: A possible date for the Xbox conference at E3 2021 has finally appeared. According to journalist Jeff Grubb, who has sources close to the company, Microsoft will make its presentation at the games fair on June 13.

The GamesBeat journalist revealed the information during his news and leak program, which is called The Game Mess Show. According to Grubb, Microsoft should follow its standards and make its presentation on the first Sunday of E3.

Jeff Grubb did not reveal details about Microsoft’s presentation, but said that Elden Ring will not appear at the Xbox conference. The journalist believes that the game should not show up at E3 2021, but does not rule out the possibility of the title appearing in other presentations during the fair.

Conference with Bethesda

Recently, one of the members of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Botty, commented on Microsoft’s participation in E3 and said that the company will hold a presentation soon. In addition, the executive revealed that the conference will count on the participation of Bethesda, which is now part of the company.

According to Botty, players can expect news from Bethesda games and also the Xbox Game Pass service. One of the titles that may appear is Starfield, which is supposed to be exclusive to Microsoft platforms.

E3 2021 will take place digitally between June 12th and 15th.


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