Microsoft manager promises ‘exciting’ updates for consoles


Microsoft continues to develop ways to make the experience of using Xbox Series X / S consoles as beneficial as the one promised at product launch. A brand executive recently stated that the company has been working to release major updates, which he described as “exciting”.

The information is based on the interview given by Jason Ronald, director of program management at Microsoft, to the podcast focused on Xbox products, Major Nelson (# 732). According to him, very soon the platforms will undergo positive changes for players.

“As a team, we are very excited about the initial response from fans around the world. At launch, we say this all the time internally, this is really just the beginning. We have a lot of really exciting things that will be released in the coming months and years. to disable Quick Resume, for some titles on the home screen. The team has been working hard to be able to reactivate these titles, so that people have an excellent and quick experience in all the titles they’re playing in. All of these are areas of high priority for us as we are looking for future updates in the coming months and you could start seeing some of those Insider experiences in the ring very soon, “said Jason.
According to the latest reports from Ampere Analysis, 2.8 million console units have been sold worldwide, showing that they have already become more popular than the previous generation, where the S Series ends up being responsible for driving sales, since it is defined as the cost-effective product.

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Now, just wait to see what improvements will be applied by Microsoft in the devices to analyze if the changes will really be positive for the players, focusing on the navigability between the console menus and game loading time.


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