Microsoft to Make Annual Developer Conference Free and Online This Year

Microsoft’s annual Microsoft Build conference for developers will be held online this year due to the coronavirus outbreak. Microsoft has decided to be free to attend the Build conference online.

The coronavirus outbreak caused cancellations or delays in activities in all sectors. However, Microsoft decided to hold its developer conference every year despite the coronavirus epidemic. However, the Microsoft Build 2020 conference will be held differently this year than ever before.

Microsoft has decided to build Build 2020 online this year due to the coronavirus outbreak. With the build of 2020 online, Microsoft has removed the $ 2,395 entry fee that those wishing to attend the conference have to pay for this year, so Microsoft Build 2020 will be held for free.

Microsoft made changes to the content of the Build conference as well as its shape. In Build 2020, workshops will be replaced by the long promotional talks of the managers. Despite this, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will make his traditional opening speech this year. After the speech of Nadella, Microsoft main program manager Scott Hanselman will start the first session. After the first session, we will see many Microsoft executives in Build 2020, such as Julia White, Scott Guthrie, Panos Panay, Kevin Scott, Rajesh Jha and Mark Russinovich.

There will be a 48-hour workshop in Build 2020
There will be many sessions, speeches and events at Microsoft’s developer conference Build 2020. The longest of the events will start on May 19 and last for 48 hours. There will also be question-answer activities.

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“We are determined to support developers with cost-effective, efficient innovations that make people’s lives easier and better, especially at uncertain times,” said Microsoft Hans program executive Scott Hanselman, who made a statement about Build 2020.

As the Microsoft Build 2020 event focuses on developers, we expect mainly developer-focused announcements. Because Build 2020 is like this, not much is expected to be announced about the highly anticipated Microsoft 10X.

Microsoft can send packages to participants
Technology giant Microsoft’s Build participants are also expected to send a special package. In the event participation form, participants are asked to specify the shipping information regarding where to accept deliveries in May. The special requesting of the delivery address created the expectation that Microsoft could send a special package to the developers.

Microsoft’s developer event, which will take place under the coronavirus epidemic, will take place online from May 19-21. To join Build 2020, where participation will be free, you can register at the link here.



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