Microsoft Made a New Design for Search Engine Bing’s Logo


Microsoft is working on a new logo for the Bing search engine. The search engine’s new logo seems to be part of the re-branding on the larger Fluent Design at Microsoft.

As you may recall, US-based technology company Microsoft began introducing icons inspired by Fluent Design for the Office suite in 2018. The company later announced that it plans to redesign more than 100 icons in 2019. Windows finally started to announce new Windows 10 icons based on the same style.

New logo from Bing:
The new Bing logo is actually an expected development. It appears as a much more modern logo under the influence of Fluent Design, the design language developed by Microsoft in 2017. The logo no longer has sharp corners and curved lines. The new design adds depth to the logo. At the same time, the logo does not look much different from the existing Bing logo.

Microsoft has not yet officially announced the new Bing logo. The company seems to be holding the new logo for A / B testing with a small number of users. The A / B test is known as a user experience research methodology.

The company’s previous logos consisted of harder drawings. The search engine, which previously preferred yellow and green colors, is to combine 4 important products in a single Microsoft logo, with the aim of constantly changing color. It is not known whether Bing will increase its market share with the new logo, but it is an indisputable fact that it is designed in a very elegant way.


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