Microsoft Launches Wireless Mouse Made From Recycled Plastic


Microsoft: In addition to Surface Go 3 and other news, Microsoft also presented this Wednesday (22) the Ocean Plastic Mouse, a peripheral focused on sustainability. The cordless mouse is made from 20% recycled marine plastic, reinforcing the company’s commitment to building a sustainable future.

According to the giant from Redmond, the production of the accessory includes the use of plastic waste taken from oceans and various waterways. After cleaning and processing, the small recycled pieces are mixed and used in the development of the mouse carcass.

The reuse of materials is also present in the packaging of the Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse, which is 100% recyclable. In this case, the manufacturer did not use any plastic in the production of the box, opting instead for recycled wood and sugarcane fibers.

Planning to zero waste in its operations by 2030, the owner of Windows also has a program that receives old mice for recycling. Devices received through the program, carried out in selected markets, are processed by the company’s partners.

Price and availability

Microsoft’s new wireless mouse built from recycled materials comes with three customizable buttons, which can be configured using specific software. It also features tracking sensors for faster navigation and Swift Pair technology, which makes it easy to pair with your PC or notebook.

Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and higher, the peripheral can be used on devices running Windows 8.1 and later. It is powered by an AA battery, included in the product, with an estimated lifespan of 12 months, according to the company — the autonomy varies depending on the conditions of use.

Now available in pre-order in the United States, the Ocean Plastic Mouse from Microsoft has a suggested price of US$ 25, equivalent to R$ 132 per day, in direct conversion, without considering taxes. Wireless mouse deliveries are scheduled to begin October 5th and the warranty is limited to one year.


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